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Apple Green Chairs


I found these lovely ladies at goodwill when I was looking for my desk chair. I had already pinned a redo of chairs just like these, so when I saw them, I snatched them up! My only regret was not getting the other 2! They were gone by the next week when I went back to Goodwill.


I was getting them ready for the last week’s Art Walk. All I had to do was get the Rustoleum Green Apple spray paint and get to work. I think this might have been one project that went off without a hitch really. So I just primed them, gave them 2 coats of paint and distressed them. This was my first distressing job and it was kind of fun actually. I really love the way they turned out. Funny story… when my husband was helping me load them into the car for the Art Walk, he stopped short and said, “Uh, you can’t take these.” And pointed to the distressing on them. He thought they were scratched up. I just laughed and said load ’em up!

Here they are, all decked out with pretty pillows.


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Desk redo


This is for sale here.

This took me longer than I expected, but I love the results!
Here’s the lovely before:

Not too bad, but there was some chipped veneer. Maybe that’s why it stayed around so long at the thrift store. One of my favorite thrift stores puts different colored tags on their stuff. And each week, 3 different colors are on sale. 30%, 50% & 70%. I think there are 5 different colors and they go through a rotation. I didn’t want to pay their original asking price, so I waited 3 weeks and finally this one hit the 70% week! I was so excited.

I knew I wanted to paint it white, so I got some Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint and went to work. But man, oh man, did the dark color want to come through on this! And when it does, it looks like pink peeking through. Ugh! I think I ended up with 3 1/2 coats on it! I like the look of a dark top with the lighter colored bottom part, so I painted the top Annie Sloan Graphite.

Now let’s talk about these drawers! As I mentioned there was chipped veneer. No problem, I said to myself. I’ll just fill it with wood putty and it’ll be perfect once I paint over it. Right? Wrong! Apparently my putty skills suck are greatly lacking!

So I decided on a trick I saw on, where else? Pinterest! Paintable wallpaper. I found some on Amazon and it worked quite nicely. I had originally intended to paint it with the Old White. But once I did, I didn’t like it. So back to Pinterest I went. I found a couple if desks done like this one. Luckily I happened to have some Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue lying around. Loved it immediately. This picture is kind of blurry but you can see the color and kind of see the texture of the wallpaper.

Now we move onto the drawer pulls. I had settled on reusing the existing pulls and spray painting them in Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze. As I was setting them up to spray, I noticed one of the rosettes was missing. In the picture below you can see me holding a good pull and the busted one. Back to the store I went.

Now I was getting this desk ready to sell at the Big Shanty Antique Mart. They had an Art Walk this past Friday night. This was an opportunity for local artists and repurposers to peddle their wares without having to pay a fee. I realized the issue with the pulls on Wednesday before the show on Friday. So on Thursday, I went to Hobby Lobby and found some cute crystal pulls. But when I put them in, the screw stuck way out into the inside of the drawer. So I ran back on Friday morning to get some more. I found some, but wasn’t crazy about them, so I swung into Target and found some really cute ones that I ended up using. You can see them in the blurry drawer picture above.

So remember I said I was getting this ready for the Art Walk? Well, unfortunately, by the week before the Art Walk, I hadn’t found a chair to sell with the desk. I was kind of freaking out. I had stopped in 2 of my favorite thrift stores and one of my not as favorite stores with no luck. At the last second, I decided to check in my hit or miss Goodwill store. I didn’t hold out any hope because I had been in there a few days before and there was nothing. As soon as I walked in the door, I saw the perfect chair… in someone else’s cart! Ok, I didn’t do a full on freak out, but I was thinking of ways to try and get that person to let me have the chair! Anywho, I continued walking to the furniture section…. and I saw 2 more of the same chair. I grabbed those puppies faster than you can believe. I also found a couple of other chairs I’d been looking for and snagged them too. Here is the desk chair in all of its ugly yellow glory.

I painted it Duck Egg Blue as well and threw on some fabric I had picked up as a remnant. And finally it was done!!! Don’t you love her? I know I do!


And since I always love a good before and after:

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Rectangular Table Redo



This table never even made it for sale. I sold it to the same person who bought my turquoise octagonal table. She actually wanted to buy it before I even had it completely finished. We had been texting about the turquoise table and she asked if I had anything else for sale. I showed her this picture of the turquoised chairs and she loved them.

I didn’t have a before picture of the table because when I bought it, the legs were already off. But it looked similar to this one, but mine had white legs.

And here are 2 of the chairs before. Simply lovely, right?

Of course, the buyer and I were texting about all of this on a Sunday night and she wanted to pick the whole set up on Tuesday morning! Yikes. I had a lot of work to do on Monday!! Monday morning, I texted her a bunch of pictures of fabric for the seat cushions. We finally decided on this beautiful fabric.

If it looked amazing on the bolt, it looked just incredible when I put it on the cushions and the cushions on the chairs!

My original plan a couple of weeks before was to use my Cutting Edge Paisley All Over stencil to create a table like this one from the Domestic Imperfection blog.

Apparently my staining skills suck leave a lot to be desired! After 2 coats of stain, my table looked nothing like hers. Ugh!

Time for plan B. I painted over my stenciled and stained mess with some Annie Sloan Graphite paint. I love that you can paint over anything with that paint! This picture was taken at night, but you can get a sense of what it looked like with the graphite.

I was going to list it with the top just in plain graphite and the legs and base in Annie Sloan Provence. When I mentioned to the buyer about the possibility of stenciling the top, she was all for it. So I used the Provence paint to do the stencil. It turned out beautifully. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of the whole thing, but trust me, it was so much more amazing in person!


And for those who like a good before & after picture here’s one of the chairs.


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Octagonal Table



I believe this was my second purchase. I had seen these types of tables redone on various blogs and they always look beautiful when redone. So when I saw this one at one of my fav thrift stores for a steal of a price, I snatched it up. Even though no one else was even looking at it or even in the furniture section at that time, I was kind of hovering over it while looking for a worker to help me take it up front like someone was going to steal it out from under me! Paranoid much?

So here she is in all her pre-finished glory.

She was screaming for some turquoise, but I wanted a deeper color than on my daughter’s dresser. I found that in the Rustoleum color of. So I sprayed the heck out of her. Here she is after just the spray paint.


Soooo much better already, but still…..

She needed something to jazz her up a bit. She needed a glazing to bring our the beautiful details on the door! And oh did those details just shine. Take a lookie at her afterward! Please excuse the crooked picture.


Now let’s talk about the top of this darned thing! If you notice in the above picture, the top is not completely turquoise. I’m not sure what was going on, but I think the top was either a laminate or veneer. Either way when I tried to spay paint it, it kept coming out splotchy. I even re-primed this top section and re-sprayed it. Still blotchy. See


This was starting to take too much time. Then I looked over my shoulder and noticed my new Cutting Edge Paisley All Over stencil that I had purchased for a different project. I thought what the heck, the spray painting isn’t working, I may as well try this stencil. Loved it! Do you love it?


So here is a side by side before and after. I listed her on Craigslist and she sold very quickly, I hope she’s enjoying her new home.


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Gray Nightstand



This was my first piece of furniture that I purchased with the sole intent to make it over. And of course, since it was my first, I was so excited to get to work on it that I forgot to take a before picture. Just imagine that yucky 70s or 80s dark oak-ish colored wood on this beauty:


It might be hard to imagine it being so ugly since it’s so pretty now. I don’t really have any particular method for picking what colors I’m going to use on any given piece. It just depends on each piece and how it “speaks” to me. This one said, “Gray.” Or is it grey? The hubster and I were debating that the other day. I like gray, he likes grey. Supposedly -ay is mainly used in America and -ey in England. Who knew?

So after this nightstand said it wanted to be gray, it also said it wanted to be pretty, so I decided to accent it with some of the leftover turquoise I used on my daughter’s dresser. I think it turned out beautifully! I hope you like it too.


Hello World


Hello everyone and by everyone, I mean all 1 of you reading this! Since moving to Marietta into a house with an unfinished basement, I’ve taken up a new hobby that’s turning itself into a sort of business. It all started when a friend back in Florida posted a picture on Facebook of an old dresser she had had painted turquoise by someone who “upcycles” furniture. I thought to myself, I could do that.

So I started thinking about things around my house that I thought the hubster might let me experiment on. My daughter has had this chest of drawers in her room since she was born. It was actually part of our original master bedroom set from when we got married. It had originally been stained honey, then painted dark brown.

But it was kind of ugly. Here is a before picture of the shell of the dresser and one of the drawers so you can see the ugly color of it and the ugly hardware.



So I decided to make it my first makeover project. Needless to say I was hooked. It’s so amazing what a coat of paint can do to something. I’ve finished it and it’s super cute, but I’ve still got to reassemble it before you can see the after picture!

Here’s a sneak peak of one of the drawers though.


So anyway, I’ve caught the furniture redo bug and am loving it. I hope you love my redos as much as I do. Feel free to email me (Rachel) at if you would like me to redo any furniture you currently own or if you’re looking for a particular piece of furniture for your house.