Gray Nightstand



This was my first piece of furniture that I purchased with the sole intent to make it over. And of course, since it was my first, I was so excited to get to work on it that I forgot to take a before picture. Just imagine that yucky 70s or 80s dark oak-ish colored wood on this beauty:


It might be hard to imagine it being so ugly since it’s so pretty now. I don’t really have any particular method for picking what colors I’m going to use on any given piece. It just depends on each piece and how it “speaks” to me. This one said, “Gray.” Or is it grey? The hubster and I were debating that the other day. I like gray, he likes grey. Supposedly -ay is mainly used in America and -ey in England. Who knew?

So after this nightstand said it wanted to be gray, it also said it wanted to be pretty, so I decided to accent it with some of the leftover turquoise I used on my daughter’s dresser. I think it turned out beautifully! I hope you like it too.



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