Octagonal Table



I believe this was my second purchase. I had seen these types of tables redone on various blogs and they always look beautiful when redone. So when I saw this one at one of my fav thrift stores for a steal of a price, I snatched it up. Even though no one else was even looking at it or even in the furniture section at that time, I was kind of hovering over it while looking for a worker to help me take it up front like someone was going to steal it out from under me! Paranoid much?

So here she is in all her pre-finished glory.

She was screaming for some turquoise, but I wanted a deeper color than on my daughter’s dresser. I found that in the Rustoleum color of. So I sprayed the heck out of her. Here she is after just the spray paint.


Soooo much better already, but still…..

She needed something to jazz her up a bit. She needed a glazing to bring our the beautiful details on the door! And oh did those details just shine. Take a lookie at her afterward! Please excuse the crooked picture.


Now let’s talk about the top of this darned thing! If you notice in the above picture, the top is not completely turquoise. I’m not sure what was going on, but I think the top was either a laminate or veneer. Either way when I tried to spay paint it, it kept coming out splotchy. I even re-primed this top section and re-sprayed it. Still blotchy. See


This was starting to take too much time. Then I looked over my shoulder and noticed my new Cutting Edge Paisley All Over stencil that I had purchased for a different project. I thought what the heck, the spray painting isn’t working, I may as well try this stencil. Loved it! Do you love it?


So here is a side by side before and after. I listed her on Craigslist and she sold very quickly, I hope she’s enjoying her new home.


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