Rectangular Table Redo



This table never even made it for sale. I sold it to the same person who bought my turquoise octagonal table. She actually wanted to buy it before I even had it completely finished. We had been texting about the turquoise table and she asked if I had anything else for sale. I showed her this picture of the turquoised chairs and she loved them.

I didn’t have a before picture of the table because when I bought it, the legs were already off. But it looked similar to this one, but mine had white legs.

And here are 2 of the chairs before. Simply lovely, right?

Of course, the buyer and I were texting about all of this on a Sunday night and she wanted to pick the whole set up on Tuesday morning! Yikes. I had a lot of work to do on Monday!! Monday morning, I texted her a bunch of pictures of fabric for the seat cushions. We finally decided on this beautiful fabric.

If it looked amazing on the bolt, it looked just incredible when I put it on the cushions and the cushions on the chairs!

My original plan a couple of weeks before was to use my Cutting Edge Paisley All Over stencil to create a table like this one from the Domestic Imperfection blog.

Apparently my staining skills suck leave a lot to be desired! After 2 coats of stain, my table looked nothing like hers. Ugh!

Time for plan B. I painted over my stenciled and stained mess with some Annie Sloan Graphite paint. I love that you can paint over anything with that paint! This picture was taken at night, but you can get a sense of what it looked like with the graphite.

I was going to list it with the top just in plain graphite and the legs and base in Annie Sloan Provence. When I mentioned to the buyer about the possibility of stenciling the top, she was all for it. So I used the Provence paint to do the stencil. It turned out beautifully. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of the whole thing, but trust me, it was so much more amazing in person!


And for those who like a good before & after picture here’s one of the chairs.


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