Apple Green Chairs


I found these lovely ladies at goodwill when I was looking for my desk chair. I had already pinned a redo of chairs just like these, so when I saw them, I snatched them up! My only regret was not getting the other 2! They were gone by the next week when I went back to Goodwill.


I was getting them ready for the last week’s Art Walk. All I had to do was get the Rustoleum Green Apple spray paint and get to work. I think this might have been one project that went off without a hitch really. So I just primed them, gave them 2 coats of paint and distressed them. This was my first distressing job and it was kind of fun actually. I really love the way they turned out. Funny story… when my husband was helping me load them into the car for the Art Walk, he stopped short and said, “Uh, you can’t take these.” And pointed to the distressing on them. He thought they were scratched up. I just laughed and said load ’em up!

Here they are, all decked out with pretty pillows.


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