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Vanity redo


One of these days, I’ll come up with catchier titles for my posts, I swear!

I got this little cutie off of Craigslist. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with it, but hey, I like painting stuff! Here is the Craigslist pic:


The fabric was quite stained and the drawer was missing a handle. I had originally been going to spray paint this in Rustoleum’s Heirloom White, but it was looking whiter than I wanted, so I tried about 4 other paint colors, lol. I tried a black chalk paint, but decided I didn’t want it that dark. then I thought about maybe spraying it pink, but decided it was a bit too bright. So I went back to my remaining Annie Sloan Provence paint. It’s the same color I used on my table redo. Here’s a shot showing the Provence and the Heirloom White:


After I had it all nice and neatly painted, I had to decide whether to distress that nice smooth finish I created. It’s kind of hard for me to do it. I even posted it on my facebook page to get some votes. Here’s distressed vs non-distressed:


Distressed won unanimously,so distressed it was. Then I waxed and let it sit for a couple of days. This afternoon, I needed to move my furniture out of the way before the hubby sanded something and got dust all over my pretty furniture. Then I realized all I needed to do was recover the bench seat and I could finish it up to post on Craigslist. So that’s what I did.

I took off the first layer of material. It was, um, kinda gross. See:


Under that, I found a second layer of fabric. This layer wasn’t actually too bad, but not what I was going for:


Under that, there was a 3rd layer!!


I actually left that one on and covered over it. Mine is much better, I think.


And here is my finished product. So pretty.


And you know I like a before and after shot!!